Tiger Rental Group is a U.S. based energy rental and service company that serves the onshore and offshore upstream, midstream, and downstream markets globally. Its rental equipment and services reach across drilling, completions, production, pipeline, petrochemical and refining. The Company’s core rental assets include pumps, offshore cargo carrying equipment, fluid tanks, power generation, temporary matting, flowback and production, and safety equipment, along with support services, such as automated tank cleaning, waste treatment, chemical fluids mixing, packaging and transfer, and logistics solutions. The Company also provides rentals and services tailored to the utility transmission & distribution, telecommunications infrastructure, offshore wind energy, and highway construction industries. The Company operates facilities throughout the Gulf Coast of the United States and in numerous international locations spanning the Caribbean, South America, Africa, and the Middle East. The majority of the Company’s operations are located in North America.

Additionally, in response to the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, the Company expanded its offerings to provide testing and other pandemic related rentals and services across many industries nationwide with notable penetration into the large scale food supply and entertainment industries.

At Tiger, our business philosophy is to provide reliable equipment within a safe and professional culture with a “Make it Happen” attitude.


Turnkey Rentals Equipment & Services to Combat the Coronavirus


tiger testing

Tiger is solving the problem of mass Coronavirus testing for corporations.

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Tiger & PMI are on the move mitigating the spread of COVID-19 with decon & disinfecting services.

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air scrubbers

Tiger has air scrubbers to rent for use in isolation buildings - equipped with HEPA filter technology.

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Tiger has over 15 years of experience providing emergency shelters after disasters have hit the Gulf Coast.

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quarantine package

Tiger understands the need for blast units in the energy business so we have created a package specifically for refineries.

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drive-thru TESTING

Tiger has the experience and equipment to set-up a mobile COVID-19 testing station across the country.

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safety technicians

Whether you need training or personnel, we have experienced safety techs on standby ready to assist with your COVID-19 needs.

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Tiger is now able to sell hand sanitizer and other essential supplies during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Rental Equipment & Services for the Energy Industry


Tiger Safety Rentals

Provides specialized services and equipment tailored to meet the demanding safety requirements of onshore and offshore oil and gas companies worldwide.

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Tiger Industrial Rentals

Provides quick and reliable service to the upstream, midstream and downstream energy, industrial, commercial and environmental markets.

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Tiger Offshore Rentals

Provides offshore logistics with baskets, containers, carriers, cuttings boxes and fluid tanks to the upstream oil and gas market around the world.

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Tiger Tanks Trinidad

Provides offshore logistics baskets, containers, carriers cuttings boxes, tanks and waste services to the Latin America and the Caribbean Sea.

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Tiger Rentals Guyana

Sister company to Tiger Tanks Trainidad, offering offshore CCU's, tanks and waste services to the Latin America region and the Caribbean Sea.

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Tiger Rentals Colombia

Offering both onshore and offshore industrial and logistics rental equipment to energy companies in Colombia and other Latin American countries.

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Tiger Offshore East Med

Provides offshore baskets, containers, carriers cuttings boxes and fluid tanks to the upstream oil and gas market off the Mediterranean coast.

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Tiger Rentals Middle East

Provides both onshore industrial and offshore logistics rental equipment to energy companies in United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

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Tiger rentank do Brasil

A joint venture between Tiger Offshore & Grupo Rentank, offering certified, high quality, rental equipment to the Brazilian region.

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Tiger RENTALS Mozambique

Provides onshore and offshore logistics rental equipment to energy companies in Pemba, Mozambique and other African countries.

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